The City’s plan to narrow Cascade defies common sense

Road narrowing will increase traffic congestion
1. Narrowing Cascade will push traffic to already-congested North Nevada. The ONEN board master plan calls for traffic to be spread out evenly among the streets.
2. Once the roads are narrowed, they will be nearly impossible to revert. Years ago, Kathleen Krager, head traffic engineer, said the flashing lights at CC “lull the students into a false sense of security”. Those lights are still flashing – March 2018.
3. When the first snowflakes fall, no one will be able to get around a car with bald tires driven by an inexperienced driver. All will be forced to drive 10 MPH – or else cut through on side streets.

“Safety sizing” is less safe than decoupling skateboarders & cars

1. Narrowing Cascade is supposedly to make Cascade safer to cross for CC students. Yet, Ms. Krager made a statement* to the effect of “it’d be a fluke, but it’s possible that a student could get killed after the narrowing is done.” Most of the accidents at the CC crosswalks have been with skateboarders/bicyclists. A single lane will not stop the skateboarders from zipping in front of motorized vehicles. An underpass will decouple traffic; therefore it is the safest solution.
2. We believe – you should verify – that the main problem isn’t that Cascade can’t be crossed safely. If a person stops and looks to see if traffic is coming before they cross Cascade, they will never be hit. Notice the difference in attitude that pedestrians have crossing Nevada than they do on Cascade. We agree with Ms. Krager that they’ve been “lulled into a false sense of security” and believe they should safely cross Cascade by making certain no vehicles are coming.

Making Cascade into a bike lane makes no sense
1. There are plenty of great options for bikes to get to downtown from the ONEN. Corona is an official bike path, and many cyclists use Wood Ave and Tejon in addition to the bike path in Monument Valley Park.
2. Less than 1% of commuters use bikes to get to work, and even that small number falls when it snows or rains. Motorists use the roads year round. Narrowing roads for unnecessary bike lanes wastes scarce tax dollars.
*At the CTAB meeting on February 6, 2018

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