Letter to Mayor Suthers

Below is an example letter to Mayor Suthers along with his mailing address. Feel free to copy this wording or come up with your own phrasing as you see fit. You can also download a printable version of the letter here.

February 2018
Mayor John Suthers
30 S Nevada Avenue
Suite 601
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Dear Mayor Suthers,

Recently City Traffic Engineer Kathleen Krager informed residents that the City will be removing lanes on Cascade Avenue, Weber Street, and Fontanero Street. I am writing to state that I oppose lane reduction on all of these streets and on any streets within the Old North End. My neighbors and I do not want the City using our tax dollars to constrict traffic in favor of unnecessary bike lanes. As our elected official, I hope you will represent our interests in this matter.

Thank you for your consideration,

Colorado Springs Resident